We put the car up on the jack-stands for the Winter. I will not go out any more this season or until the Covid-19 conditions get better.

If the people at the track would adhere to the Mask Mandate and Social Distancing, I would feel more secure about going. Each person must make their own choices and you cannot control others.

I have so many things to be tested on the car. Good thing I have a lot of documentation. I really want to know if we solved the smoke problem.

The weather is so good right now. I would probably pick up 2-3 tenths. For me, that is a lot!

Time is also passing for me. I really wanted to make a few passed this year, but Covid-19 is not going to let me. Guess I will purchase a fishing rod and reel and catch some Sac-a-let, Brim, Spot. Maybe even purchase a boat.