I have a friend that is very heavy into the BTA movement and he is a Spoken Word specialist. He travels around the Southeast speaking at many of the open-Mic places in big cities. He knows I do not agree with many of his viewpoints on Back To Africa (BTA), but we remain very close friends. This is an example of people having very different viewpoints and still being able to remain friends. I would not know what to do in Liberia! They would probably toss him out too!

Anyway, get out and VOTE! We must make America sane again! Couple the craziness in D.C. with Covid-19, and all the protests around our U.S.A..

we have had the worse year in history. And that does not include the hurricanes and fires. Calif. is still burning out of control. One week I call my kids in CA and the next week they call me in LA as we go back and forth checking on each other.

I can only thank God for taking care of all of my family. We have been Covid-19 free and except for a few limbs in the back yard, we have been spared the devastation of the hurricanes. As my friend above says, PTL. Took me a while to translate that one, although Jerry Falwell (I think) had a show of that name.

My church got blessed with a good carpenter when the old one failed to show up for several weeks and all the other carpenters that responded to our request for an estimate did not show or would not submit a bid after looking at our jobs. The one man that did show up and bid, Mr. Trey F. Boyce, met all of our requirements, took the job and did excellent work. Sometimes the Lord knows what you need and supplies those needs in his time, not yours or ours. PTL.

Double D Electric (Dave Walker) has done a lot of electrical work in the church during the past few months. Jason and his helper, also Jason, fixed 70 years of bad electrical work for us. Thanks Dave & Jason.

In one week, I will be 82 years old. The Lord has let me live an extremely Blazed life. I had two great parents that tried to give me anything I wanted or they thought I needed, and loved my to no end. All of my dark days and bad days came after I left home to get away from my step-mother, after my Mom passed away when I was 13. Here it is 78+ years later and I still am living by many of the rules that Mom made me follow. She taught me a lot in her short life. Mom passed away at age 39. She was a very great woman! I have 5 wonderful children and I have tried to pass on the teachings of my Mom and Dad too them. Oh, did I mention that I had a great Dad too? One of a kind.

Due to Covid-19, I have not been to the track. I would like to make the Battle On The Bayou and the Ironman Classic, and I may just make those two races. I can see the Ironman Classic being my last pass down the 1320′ (or 660′). The car is running very well. It is sort of like, everything has come together. We have a winner!