Today I left church thinking, we just had an hour service and not one mention of the President being in the hospital. Not one prayer offered up for a speedy recovery. Not one negative (or positive) comment about the President at all. This was very strange. Am I the only Black Man that thinks about that kind of thing? Well, in Port Allen, LA, I guess I am.

I do not wish anything bad on anyone, especially someone dealing with Covid-19, and I did say a prayer for the Presidents recovery last night.

After watching the motorcade today, I may be changing my mind. Do we know how many young men and women of the military and secret service The President put at risk of catching the virus today? That was just STUPID, self satisfying and selfish!

i think The President was only trying to hold up the stock market for Monday morning. He wants the world to see that the leader of the free world is OK. I feel bad for the Walter Reed Medical Center doctors and nurses that have to deal with him and makes them tell lies about his health.

I also think he is trying to hold onto the votes that he already has and catch up in the polls too “The Next President of the USA, ” Mr. Joe Biden!”

Did any of you watch SNL last night? Even if you live in a bubble, you know that “SNL” is,Saturday Night Live!

SNL was very, very, funny! The guest host was; Chris Rock. That should tell you how funny the show was. Chris was not in the opening skit, but the actors that were, were right on point and super funny. I loved the Newscast segment. They covered the the last presidential debate and Tic-Toc, along with Vice-President Biden’s running mate, Kamala Harris. They discussed the rules for the next debate, which I hear Mr. President will not allow the rules be changed (so he can continue to be rude and interrupt whenever he likes). I have not laughed so much in many, many months.

Anyway, back to the prayers. I really think President Trump will need a lot of prayers to get over this Covid-19. And those same prayers should go up for his wife,family and others that have tested positive.

I think the days of wearing a mask, or not wearing one, as a political statement are over. If you have any smarts at all, you will wear a mask and protect your friends. Put your Trump logo on it, but wear a mask. Most of us Joe Biden supporters are already wearing our masks!