Month: October 2020

Weather, No Racing, Lots of Church Projects

I have a friend that is very heavy into the BTA movement and he is a Spoken Word specialist. He travels around the Southeast speaking at many of the open-Mic places in big cities. He knows I do not agree with many of his viewpoints on Back To Africa (BTA), but we remain very close friends. This is an example of people having very different viewpoints and still being able to remain friends.
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Comments, Prayers, SNL, And More Thinking

Today I left church thinking, we just had an hour service and not one mention of the President being in the hospital. Not one prayer offered up for a speedy recovery. Not one negative (or positive) comment about the President at all. This was very strange. Am I the only Black Man that thinks about that kind of thing? Well, in Port Allen, LA, I guess I am.
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