Guess which one gave me the most trouble. The pit bike!

Lets get up to date on the car first. The tires came in much quicker than expected. I took them to AWT, on Airline, and was told after many years of doing business with them, that they no longer mount any tires that are not purchased from them. This is because of the Virus and being shorthanded.

I took them right down the street, next to Burger King, and they did the mounting and balancing for a very reasonable price.

I am still waiting on the Lucus Oil Treatment. That will top off my oil change and let me start the car.

The next thing I did on the car was test the cooling system. Several years ago I had the positive experience of finding an intake leak on Travis Barber”s BBC engine that had lost power. We purchased a Snap-On Tools cooling system testing kit and found the leak on the engine lifter side of the engine.

Since I had just replaced the intake gaskets on my car, and it was not running right, I decided to purchase a cooling system tester from NAPA and do the test. I was also having trouble with my radiator cap re-leaving below the pressure of the cap. This NAPA testing kit also tests radiator caps. My old cap tested bad. A new cap from NAPA tested good. After reading the instructions for testing the system, I jumped into it. This cooling system tester is so simple, anyone can use it and be satisfied with their results, if they follow the instruction book. My system held 17 psi for well over a hour and 20 min. with a 1/2 psi drop. It only needed to hold for greater than 3 min., with a small drop. I have a 16 psi radiator cap that relieves at just above 16 psi. So now I can rest assured that my cooling system is in good shape.

LATE NOTE: I put a 4-Hole Spacer under the carburetor this time. I had suspicions that the old 1″ Open Spacer may be leaking. All new carburetor to manifold gaskets were added too. Don’t know what performance difference that will make, but we will see. I wanted to take out the spacer and not run any, but that would have required a lot of re-engineering to make my intake system fit at the top of the carburetor.