September 4th to be exact. I hope that this Corona-virus 19 is flat lined or going down by then.

I had a good time at the Fathers Day Classic, but there was very little social distancing or mask being worn. I am too much at risk to put myself in harms way at the track. So I will stay at home until conditions get better.

The car is running fine. The fuel system is back to normal from the fuel tank, pump, regulator (new) and the overhauled carburetor. The cooling system is perfect and so is the lubrication system. I have two new front tires to go with my 20 pass M/T slicks.

As hurt as the car was for Fathers Day, it was super consistent, ran some respectable numbers and Outlaw was on his game. I put the Dial-In on the window for the Semi-final round and caused us to lose. Oh well…

I must have had my head in the sand. This past weekend, I saw my first NHRA Factory Stock Showdown race! Wow! Loved every second of it (what few seconds there were). Those cars are quick (and fast). So far, the Mustang Coyote’s are my favorites. I Love It! For some reason, and I cannot put my hand on it, I do not care for the Camaro. I would love to see them at a NHRA Divisional event at No Problem Raceway.