In nineteen years, I have had more trouble with rear tires than anything else. RAD Cycles, out near LSU on Highland, finally found the problem and fixed it by changing out the whole rear wheel. No flats in the past two years. We have removed the carburetor once, about 5-6 years ago and cleaned it, and it has worked fair since then.

The bike has been sitting up since July of 2019 and I failed to drain the carburetor. Thing just clogged up so bad, I just ordered a new, $29.95 carburetor for it.

All the ads said, “Fits TT-R 90”. The photos looked the same and I checked several different places in the Internet. What I failed to do was go to the bike shop.

When the carburetor arrived, one day early, I was happy. I looked at it and was pleased. I looked for the instructions and their was none.

If any of you have ever replaced a throttle cable on a bike or a choke cable, you know what I was in for. Now I know why bikers have cable splicing kits. I caught all kinds of hell from that throttle cable. So much so, when I got to the choke cable, I just used the old cable and inside assembly and trashed the new one. It fit perfectly.

After assembly, I installed the carburetor, Wrong! There are two adjustments that have to be made before the carburetor is installed and those same two adjusting screws have to be adjusted while running. They are located behind the air filter. I needed four hands and two very long legs!

I finally got it running and idling so I could make adjustments with the air filter off and the intake hose removed.

I got it running excellent. Starts right up, and I rode it up and down my street. The bike is ready to ride around the pits. My knees and back will never be the same. Next time, it goes to the bike shop!