We had two targets, the fuel system (fuel pump or fuel regulator), or the carburetor.

Sunday, I ordered a new fuel pressure regulator. I had had trouble with, and replaced the regulator twice in the past. We had reset the fuel pressure at the track and lowered it from 8.5 psi, down to 6.5 psi. This had reduced the smoke some. We had put new plugs in at the track. Outlaw cleaned all the passages at the top of the carburetor.

I ran the one gallon flow test on the pump and regulator and found the old regulator filled the one gallon container in 9.02 seconds. This is good enough for a 7 second car. When the new regulator was installed, I ran the test again and got 8.26 seconds. Now we know that part of the fuel system is not a problem.

On Friday, Outlaw called and told me to do a test on the carburetor to see if fuel was coming out of the bottom of the carburetor.

For this test the carburetor is unbolted from the intake manifold, with the fuel lines still connected, and a pan is placed under the carburetor. The fuel pump is energized and I looked and saw a stream of fuel coming out of the bottom of the carburetor. I shut off the fuel pump.

I did the same test with my old Holley 1150 carburetor and the pan did not get a drop of fuel with the pump on for about 15-20 seconds.

I put two new needle & seat assemblies into the leaking 1250 carburetor, cleaned up everything, changed all the gaskets, and did the test over again. No Leaks! The pan was dry after running the fuel pump for a long period of time.

I had removed all the plugs earlier and got all the excess gas out of the cylinders. After installing the plugs, I started the car. Quick startup, minimal smoke and ran excellent. Now I will change the gas saturated oil and we will be ready to run!

Even at 81 years old, I can still learn something about carburetors from Outlaw. Thanks Outlaw!