We spent most of the afternoon working on the car, again, trying to determine why we were getting so much smoke out of the exhaust on both sides and why we were using so much gas.

We entered the car into Top Doorslammer class and there were approximately 15 cars. We won the first two rounds and got a bye into the semi-finals. Just like Friday night, we had to run “The Lizard”, again! We had been running times in a very tight window all evening, 5.670, 5.669, 5.663, and Outlaw had been cutting excellent lights. The temp. had dropped about 2 degrees and the humidity had gone up about 10%. We were trying to decide between 5.65 and 5.66 for out dial-in. We chose 5.66. Outlaw cut a .004 green light and was off and running. At the line, Outlaw crossed first and broke out, 5.658! We were sick. Both nights, a 3rd place finish, getting beat by the same car and driver. We did collect semi-final money.

The car was still smoking and using a lot of gas, so we had a lot of work to do.