We just had to get some seat time before the big Fathers Day Classic this coming week. The race will be at State Capitol Dragway on, June 20, 2020. Gates open at 8:00am, big cars run at 4:00 pm, Jr’s at 10 am.

Mr. Skip Racing (Holbert Enterprises) is sponsoring all Jr. Dragster classes at this years Fathers Day Classic.

Friday Night, June 12, 2020, we loaded up the car and we were at the track around 5:30 pm. What a nice day for the track. We have been trying to get out there for the past 11 months. You know the drill, Honey-Di’s, weather, vacation, holidays, just did not feel like it, Covid-19 Lockdown and other things, but we finally made it.

We spent a lot of time trying to determine the source of lot’s of smoke coming from the exhaust. The source was a sticking primary float in the carburetor, along with a faulty Fuel Pressure regulator.

The first pass was excellent! Outlaw did a Pro Style burn-out to knock the dust off the new M/T slicks and them ran a 5.625 @ 121 MPH in the 1/8 mile and 8.887 @ 149 MPH in the quarter. Not bad for the 1st run in almost a year. It also had a 1.254 sixty-ft time. The car carried both front tires way out and looked very good, straight as an arrow and sounded like the old days.

Outlaw insisted we sign up for Super-Pro Money and there was only 3 cars. We got the bye and broke the beam for the win. In the finals, we were a little late and we did not run our number, 5.65 on a 5.60, but everything worked great. we split the pot and called it a night.

I was really shocked by the lack of masks being worn by spectators and the lack of Social-Distancing being practiced. The track never mentioned it, although it is only a recommendation. Barbara and I both had our masks on, and tried to stay away from most people (very hard). We must do a better job of fighting Covid-19. The Virus Is Still Here!