Van called and asked if my rings were Low Tension or Standard Tension. I said Standard, I think. Van had a lot to say about synthetic oil and break in procedure using regular fossil-fuel oil (which I did).

After Van hung up, I went looking for my saved information from when the engine was re-built in Aug.-Sept. 2018. I found the invoice for my rings and could not find the information I needed on the ring company’s web site using the numbers on the invoice. I text-ed the local supplier and they answered, “Low Tension”. Just what I did not want to hear! Those rings should not be used except with a vacuum pump, and I do not have one.

So for almost two years of trying to find the source of the smoking, and why #8 plug was so fouled, now I know.

The next decision, should I install a vacuum pump or change the rings. The engine has less than 20 track passes. Either way, the engine must be removed and a lot of work and money.

I have decided to leave it alone until it slows down or starts to smoke so much I cannot stand it.

Low tension rings and synthetic oil will not work in this engine. So I purchased regular oil and will put that in as soon as I finish the intake manifold gasket and carburetor replacement (1150 CFM). I will keep the 1250 CFM in standby.

For all the problems, This engine has only run about 0.05 sec.(5.63), slower than before the overhaul. It has a slightly smaller cam also.

Looks like the Bracket Masters Racing Team Fathers Day Race will be the 1st big race at the end of the Lockdown. It would be nice to get some testing in before that race.