Month: May 2020

Still Looking For The Problem

It’s so bad, I have talked to Van twice in May, including today. I replaced the intake manifold gaskets, with the thick ones, and put the smaller carburetor on the car, after a good cleaning and a new kit. I also did the same thing to the Holley 1250 Ultimate HP carburetor. I installed a […]
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Van’s Suggestion

Van called and asked if my rings were Low Tension or Standard Tension. I said Standard, I think. Van had a lot to say about synthetic oil and break in procedure using regular fossil-fuel oil (which I did). After Van hung up, I went looking for my saved information from when the engine was re-built in Aug.-Sept. 2018. I found the invoice for my rings and could not find the information I needed on the ring company's web site using the numbers on the invoice. I text-ed the local supplier and they answered, "Low Tension".
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