Van and I don’t talk that often, but when we do, it’s a lengthly conversation. This time we talked about the virus and the effect on our families and friends and the nation.

A second call, the next day, was about my engine. My engine, or car, cannot, in any way, compete with Van’s. But he has the knowledge that I tend to lean on and I trust his analysis and insight.

I am so blessed to have two friends that I can trust when it comes to understanding the internals of an engine. I can also get the truth from both of them. The other person is Mr. Reggie Jackson (He has a killer Mopar Dragster). When I need a person to check behind me, make sure I did everything right, I call on Reggie. Van is more of the, “What part number did you use?” type person. “Did you send your oil off to be analyzed?”. “What heat range plugs have you tried? “Did you double check the jets and swap then out, are they squared up?” “Mr. Holbert, a 1250?, Why?” Sometimes you wish you had not called because you already know you made a mistake and just don’t want that to be the problem.

Most of the things that Van asked, I had already done or considered, but one or two things, made me think and change course on how I am going to proceed. We are not going to remove the intake. Based on a few tests that I have done in the past, and the fact that I have not been able to get many runs on the engine and collect data, we will look at another road to go down.

I am going to do like so many of my carburetor customers and blame the carburetor. We will put my Holley 1150 on the engine. It has never run with that carb., only the Holley 1250.

The other path is the long and hard one that I don’t want to do at this point. Van thinks the oil rings on #6 & #8 may not be seated. He also insists that I should have a Vacuum Pump on the engine. Van asked if I put Standard or Low Tension Rings in the engine when I rebuilt it. The recommended rings for a Vac. Pump are the low tension type. I could try it on this 21 year old Gen. IV block. If it works, fine, If not, get a new block and put the right stuff in it.

I don’t want to give up the alternator, or spend the $$$$ to get the mounting system that will let me run both (Jones Electric is great, but oh so expensive).

Van suggested a lot of things that require a lot of testing, which I am all for doing when the tracks are open again.

Everyone take care of yourselves and your families. Day 19 in the house and yard. All is well at my home and all the kids, grand-kids and great-grands. Barbara and all of her relatives are doing fine. Lets see; I’m black, I’m 81 years old, I have HBP (controlled), and I am Locked Down in Louisiana… (underlying conditions?)