When you have lots of time to think, your mind runs wild. I have not been out of the yard since March 19th to go to the doctor.

I went into the shop to start the car and decided to check the water before I started it up. I could see water, but could not reach it with my index finger. This is the same indication I had before the last overhaul of the engine in 2018. Then, when it was torn down, we found the intake gasket had been leaking between the water jacket and one of the cylinders. I think I have the same situation again.

I am going to pull the intake and take a look, and change the intake gasket. I wanted to look in there anyway. If I don’t see a problem with intake, I may pull that right side head and try to find the problem that has been taking place with #8 and #6 spark plugs fouling.

There is not a better time, with the lock-down. No place to go, no racing for a while. I may take a few photos and a short video to document my findings.

Speaking of photo and video, my program that I normally use (ACDSee Photo Studio) to transfer photos from my phone to the PC stopped working. The company has sent me a very long troubleshooting procedure. I have not been in the mood to work on it, but now I will try to follow it. The real problem is trying to mix apples and oranges (phone and PC). tunes does not work very well on the PC. My Sony Playmemories photo program does not work with the phone. If only the phone had a memory card, like the Android, I would have no problem at all. When it works, Accessed Photo Studio Pro, works very well with the PC and phone

Between the engine and PC problems, I have my hands full, and lots of time to work on both.