For the 2nd time in 4 years, someone has tried to get a credit/debit card number out of me by impersonating one of my grandkids. Somehow, they found a person with a voice so close that almost anyone would think it was the grandchild (adult) speaking. The first one needed money for bail after being falsely accused of being in a taxi that had been pulled over, and the driver had the pot, but everyone was arrested The pail would be returned as soon as my grand-daughter was proven innocent. I did not give any information. They put her back on the line and she begged me to send the bail money, but I did not. I called her and she said it was not her. She lives in California, but was arrested in TX.

The second scam used my grandson to try to get money for a lawyer that would try to get him out a falsely accused auto accident. I asked a few questions about recently sent emails and when I did not get the correct answer, I hung up and called my grandson who was sound asleep and did not know anything about an accident.

Seniors must be very careful about being scammed. Don’t give out credit card/debit card numbers over the phone or send them in an email.

A few weeks ago, on a consumer alert TV show, I heard the same scam. It was after my first encounter and before my 2nd scam try. I was very lucky. All of us must be very alert, even if you upset the grandchild or other relative.