Mr. Skip’s oldest daughter, Cynthia and her husband, George, spent 7 days from the Sunday before Christmas until the Sunday after Christmas with us. All we did was eat and relax. Cynthia and George are both close to their 2nd retirements. They drive school buses. George is also a retired shipyard Pipefitter and Cynthia is retired from Hampton Roads Transit driving Norfolk, VA city buses.

For Christmas, we had all the local children, grandchildren and great-grands over for gift opening and our traditional dinner. This year, to go along with the “Mr. Skip Gumbo” and all the sides that the kids provided, we had a “TurDucKin”. Barbara cooked her turkey wings and there was so many cakes and pies, we gave away a lot and we still have more than Barbara and I can eat. Mrs. Plummer provided a big batch of Pecan Candy.

We had our traditional gift opening, starting with the oldest, me, down to the oldest great-grand. It was fun to watch some of the very small ones being taught how to unwrap a gift, and some of the older kids just ripping the paper off the gifts and the joy when they got what they had wished and prayed for. Have you ever seen a 2 year old with a Tablet Computer, and knowing what to do with it? How time has changed. These kids will not know how to use a pencil…

At one time I counted 20 people in the house and many others just stopped by for a plate and to drop off a gift (or pick up a gift). All in all, it was very enjoyable.

Happy New Year!