Southern University, LSU and in other parts of the state, Grambling, all won their games today.

The biggest win was by LSU, who beat Alabama for the first time since 2011. The final score was, LSU 46 – Alabama 41. The Ohio State won today but LSU may be the new #1 in the BCS Poll that comes out Monday.

Just as important was the win by Grambling State-univ. over Alcorn, 19 – 16. This game has major implications in the race for the SWAC Western Conf. where Southern University may have a chance of willing and playing for the SWAC Championship.

Welcome Back Drew! And We Still Have Teddy and Tyson Hill!

The Trade Deadline has passed and we still have all 3 quarterbacks. Drew Brees played a fine game upon return against the Cardinals, extending the winning streak. Now we can go into the bye week knowing Drew is ready to play and has a few hits under his belt. The Who-Dat Nation is very happy and on top of the NFC South.