Just putting the car in the trailer is tiresome these days. By the time I get to the track and unload, I feel like I have been working all day and I do not feel like doing anything else.

Outlaw, Reggie and Silas, Jr. are a big help, all the time at the track, but I have no help, except Mrs. Barbara, at home when it is time to put the car back in the shop.

Since I have not run the car since The Fathers Day Race, I have saved a lot of money. Racing Fuel, car maintenance, entry fees and admission fees, truck diesel fuel and food at the track all add up. I once was asked, “How are you going to make it if you lose your job?” My answer: “I just stop racing”! I spend enough on racing to support our family. I have saved a lot in the past year since I cut back on my racing schedule. My “new” engine is now one year old and has less than 30 passes.

Speaking of Mrs. Barbara, she is my biggest supporter. This goes back from before we were married. She has always supported me through all the expensive rebuilds, destroying one car, traveling all over the Eastern part of the nation and she is my Chief Video Camera Person. I could not have hung in there this long without a strong supporter. I LOVE MY WIFE!

When the weather changes from hot and wet to cool and dry, I will probably have the car out for testing. I still have a problem with the right side giving out excessive smoke. I may pull that side head later this year and check the valve seals. Compression and Leak Down checks are excellent.