The Holbert, Herbert, Morris & Gardner families and all the great-grand children gathered to open gifts, eat and watch the kids knock themselves out playing with the multitude of toys and gadgets they got for Christmas. It was a lot of fun.

We opened gifts from the oldest to the youngest, having done it just the opposite last year, we found out it works much better this way.

The food was outstanding! Each family contributed a dish, and Barbara had her turkey wings and I made a BIG pot of gumbo. We had cakes and pies of many types. There were Cornish Game Hen (sent from Florida by Mr. & Mrs. Slaughter), Ham, Turkey, Collard Greens from Georgia, Pecan Candy and a 3 layer coconut cake from Mrs. Plummer, pies from Mrs. Ann Brown and Mrs. Dukes and sides by Barbara Morris and Ophelia Herbert. Everything was excellent!

Barbara gave a wonderful Christmas Prayer for the family and the food. We also prayed for the sick and shut-in people around the world.