Some things are more important than racing (not many)! Between the weather and home projects, Thanksgiving Dinner, a very nice visit by my daughter and the Bayou Classic, I put racing on the back burner.

My daughter Cynthia called from Virginia and said, “I have a “Bucket List” item that I want to check off. Going to the Bayou Classic”! So, I got us some 50 yard line tickets in Box Terrace and Barbara, Cynthia and I attended the Bayou Classic. Southern University won, 38 – 28, over Grambling University for the first time in 3 years! Everyone was happy, except Mrs. Grambling, Barbara Holbert, who lost $20 to me.

Before the game, we took in the street experience of the Classic, which is just as exciting as the game The vendors, the food and the people. Just being in the crowd and watching the people is enough to drive down there for Many people go just for the halftime show. The two school bands are outstanding. (Both bands had played for half-time at the Saints and Falcons game on Thursday night in the Superdome). Cynthia enjoyed all of it. Two years ago, she checked off Mardi Gras from her list.

I had a very good time. The walking took it’s toll on my old legs, but I found a curb to sit on, and some Jumbo Shrimp to eat and I was all right.

It may be a while before the car gets to the track, if at all, this year.

Photos (Thanksgiving & Bayou Classic)