Spent most of last week with “Honey Do’s”, but I did take time to get the heads re-torqued and the valves reset (hot) fro the 2nd time. Most of the valves were right-on, but two or three on each side needed a slight tweek. Only two of the head bolts (studs) moved a very slight amount. They were the outside two on the drivers side, 13 & 16. None on the passenger side moved.

I changed the oil, from Havoline 10W-40, too Lucas synthetic 10W-50. I also changed the valve cover gaskets from the expensive blue rubber gaskets to the cork Fel-Pro gaskets. The blue ones did not stop my leaks. I also put some Ultra-Gray sealer on the head surface and on the covers. The covers are the main problem. They are not true. These are the welded sheet metal valve covers. The look good, but they leak.

I am finished with the engine! Now all I have is clean-up of the car, load the trailer, purchase gas and head out to the track. I would like to make two easy passes and then get into it. I’ll check it out after each pass and make a determination if I will race on Saturday (Nov. 17, 2018). That’s only a month or two later than I wanted to be back.

How ’bout dem Saints!