Monday, after returning from vacation, I did a Compression Test and a Leakdown Test after warming up the engine to about 185 degrees F. I did the compression test first and all of the cylinders were between 210 psi and 190 psi. Will within the 20% tolerance that I am told is good. Greater than 20% is suppose to be outside of the range.

The leakdown test was even better. All cylinders were 100%. I know better, the reading was probably 98-99%, but the gauge is so small, it looked like 100%. This was after 5 warm-ups to about 180 – 190 degrees and letting it cool down with no fan or water-pump running.

My next step is to warm it up again, and re-torque the heads. I hope to do this on Wed., but that is not set in stone. We are getting closer to going to the track!