Today I got the studs in the block, after two or three tries, and got the head gaskets and both heads sitting in place. I will start clamping down the heads tomorrow. I have some family and church work to do first thing tomorrow, but I will get some time to work on the engine.

I am pleased with the way things are going, so far. Although I have had to put some things on, take them off and do it over again, It is still coming along OK. I get so distracted in my old age. I start one thing, get up to do something and forget what it was I started to do in the first place. PHOTOS

Barbara went to the doctor yesterday. She is coming along just fine. He still has her on “light duty”, so that is killing her more than anything else. I pray that she returns to normal quickly. I need my “Crew Chief”!

I am paying particular attention to any paths for leaks. That was a problem in the past. I purchased a new “Diaper” for the engine. It is really heavy duty(SFI). At the rate I am going, I should be done in the next week or so.