After many tries, I got the cam almost perfect at, 110.2 degrees, with the cam card calling for 110 degrees. I like this Comp Cams adjustable cam gear for degreingg the cam.

Everything should go very smooth, and quick, from here on. I will torque the heads on next and install the lifters, rockers and check for the correct push rod length. I hope the same push rods will work with the new cam, but if not, I have several different lengths, accumulated over the years, that I can try before I have to order new ones.

I did make one mistake. I folded the tabs on the three cam bolts before I put the cam thrust button in place. Now I have to take that off, install the cam button and put anew locking tab in place. Good thing I thought about it before I put the timing chain cover and water pump in place.

Barbara if feeling much better. I am almost finished with my nurse duties. I do have a lot of church things to do, that may hold me up some. The weather is about to change, along with Daylight Saving Time. It has been a long hot Summer!