Month: September 2018

More Progress

Today I got the studs in the block, after two or three tries, and got the head gaskets and both heads sitting in place. I will start clamping down the heads tomorrow. I have some family and church work to do first thing tomorrow, but I will get some time to work on the engine. […]
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Now We’re Moving!

After many tries, I got the cam almost perfect at, 110.2 degrees, with the cam card calling for 110 degrees. I like this Comp Cams adjustable cam gear for degreingg the cam. Everything should go very smooth, and quick, from here on. I will torque the heads on next and install the lifters, rockers and […]
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Some Progress!

All pistons are in, ready to degree cam. Using one of those adjustable cam gear units for the first time. Seems like that will work out much better than the cam button or crank sprocket arrangement. I am soaking my 1150 Holley to get it ready for the startup. From the looks of the piston […]
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