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Prayer Works, Thank God For That! (Prostate Testing)
I talked to a friend today and he told me he had been diagnosed with 1st stage Prostate Cancer. I know the feeling.

Back in 1993, during a routine visit to my family doctor, Dr. Cynthia Coe (deceased), I was asked if I had had a prostate exam lately. The answer was no, not since I was getting out of the Navy in 1980. I was told to “Drop then and bend over”. During the exam, the doctor said she felt something that was not normal. After the exam, she got on the phone with Dr. Clayton (also deceased), a Urologist, and they arranged for me to immediately have him do a follow-up exam. So, within an hour, I had to endure two prostate exams. One is bad enough.

After Dr. Clayton finished, he sat me down and said: Mr. Holbert, I have been a Urologist for over 40 years and these are the facts. #1, you are living in Baton Rouge, #2, you are over 40 years old and #3, you are black! You have prostate cancer. I was totally shook up and felt as though my life was ending. But that was not what was in store for me.

I came home and told my wife, Barbara, and she said, “Let’s pray”.

Let me back up a little bit to Dr. Clayton’s final comments. First he said he needed to do a PSA test, but the results would not be available to me for two weeks! Two whole weeks! He said a bunch of other stuff, but I did not hear much after “Cancer”. I know now he was trying to tell me my options..

Back at home with Barbara, I was being consoled and told what we were going to do while we waited. In other words, the prayer warrior was putting a plan in place to fight this with prayer.

We went to the Catholic Church on 22nd St. and lit candles and prayed. We had special prayers at different times of the day and at night after we got home from work. We lit more candles and said more prayers.

At then end of two weeks, when Dr. Clayton had returned from vacation, I was told to come in for the results.

Dr. Clayton had a puzzled look on his face when I walked into the office. He was reading the PSA results. He looked up and said: “Mr. Holbert, in all my years I have never been wrong about a cancer diagnosis, but, “You do not have prostate cancer”!

Yes! Yes! Yes! I did not have it!

Well not so fast young man. You still need to have some work done to you so that you don”t have problems in the future. I was given a few choices on what I should do, as a male that is getting up in age.

Within a week I was in Baton Rouge General where they did a prostate procedure that was suppose to help me with future prostate problems.

I was 55 at the time. Today, at age 79, I have not had any other prostate problems. Every January since the surgery, I have gone to my current Urologist and had my checkup and PSA test.

I thank Dr. Coe and Dr. Clayton for their services, but I know that God did the healing, with the help of Barbara, my Prayer Warrior.

Men, go get tested. Early detection is the key. The test does not hurt, it is uncomfortable, but it is very quick.