Wow! It was great getting behind the wheel again for a big event. The three day event at State Capitol Raceway was good. Not as many cars and spectators as in the past, but a good turnout. Top Doorslammer only had 19 cars on Sunday. Did not count on Saturday, when there were more cars.

My car is performing as well as it ever has. We had some personal “Best” for the car and driver over the weekend.

Friday and Saturday the track was fair. Our 60′ times were nothing to brag about, but Sunday, something changed. Maybe it was the track prep, the overnight rain, the cooler temps. or something, but I picked up .040 sec. in 60′ time on Sunday.

We did not win any money, but we did win a few rounds over the two days. Sunday, we went to round 4 in Super Pro.

I was so rusty, I forgot to put my (slower) opponent into my Delay Box when I moved into Super Pro on Saturday. I was wondering why my “Red Light” was so large!

I was so proud of how the car preformed. On Saturday, almost all my runs were between 5.68 and 5.66 sec. On Sunday, they were almost all between 5.56 and 5.53 sec.. A couple of times I had back to back identical runs. I aborted one run, which was my fault.

Now the lights were a different story. From Right Lane to Left Lane, I was inconsistent. I could not get a good handle on the Left Lane at all. From daylight to dusk to night , I had trouble. But just like I solved the problem in the Right Lane, I will do the same fro the left side. These old eyes are not as good as they once were, but that is what the box is for.

I was very happy to have “Outlaw” back in the staging lanes and on the line on Sunday. Felt just like old times. We are still praying for his 100% recovery in the near future.

Barbara and Mr. Skip wish all of my readers a very happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy your food and friendship. Say a prayer for a neighbor, a friend and our nation.