Working most of Thursday afternoon and night, we took many measurements and combined with data that we already had from previous work by others, we were able to determine the chassis is straight and level. Both tires are the same circumference. The shocks are mounted at the same spot on both sides and our coil-overs are at the same pre-load. We checked the weight distribution of the rear of the car also. We put 200 lbs. in the drivers seat, full tank of gas, tires at the correct pressures and all the other fluids were correct. We did not move the wheelie bars.

All the weights were less than 2% of the weights recorded in Sept. of 2015. We were less than 1/8″ difference from side to side on ride height. We did not touch the Anti-roll adjustment, which remains at neutral on the left (drivers) side and 1/8″ pre-load on the passenger side. We did not do anything to the front shocks.

The only adjustment that was made to the rear of the car was the setting of both bottom coil-over springs at 4 turns up. This measures 2.010″ from the mounting bolt to the bottom of each spring pad. These pads had been found to be totally loose and down at the bottom with no tension (pre-load) on either coil.

Friday Night At State Capitol For Testing

we took the car to the track to make a couple of hits to see if the car is still going straight, like it did the last time out. With “Outlaw” out for his ailing ribs and leg, Outlaw has gone to the track the past two weekends to watch. He is recovering. Our prayers are with him, and we want him to hurry back to drive. Mr. Skip (me) had to do the driving. I tried to get Reggie into the seat, but he wanted no part of it :>).

We planned to make the 1st pass a short, 320′ run, but when I left, the car went so straight and felt so good, I just stayed in it through the whole quarter mile! We got a 8.961 @ 151.8 MPH (5.73 in 1/8th) . The engine felt good and everything worked as it should have.

The 2nd pass was very good also (5.72 sec.) and we decided to run in the Trophy Class, where Silas Rogers, Jr. was the only other car. For more times than I can remember, he beat me again! The only goof thing was, we ran our quickest time of the night (break-out), with a 5.63 @ 122.4 MPH on a 5.70 dial-in. It was also the best 60′ time of the night, 1.295 sec. Again, the car ran straight and smooth. We are very, very happy with the work we did and the way the car ran. We do not have the times, MPH or 60′ times of many of the other 8 second cars, but we are happy. God Is Good!