The party of the year was held at The King’s Palace” on Airline Highway, Friday night, Oct. 20th to celebrate Mr. Skip’s 79th birthday and Barbara’s and Skip’s 32nd Anniversary! A great time was had by all that attended the party.

Many family members, neighbors, friends and team members attended. Barbara had the place decorated in Black & Gold (Grambling), but I had on my Blue & Gold (Southern)! Many friends told stories and gave us salutations that we were happy to hear.

Barbara and I really appreciate all the kind words that were spoken, the gifts that were given to us and most of all, your attendance, which was worth more that anything.

The King’s Palace (Mr. & Mrs King (food & music) , and Robin on the decorations, did an excellent job, and more that met our expectations and beyond. The professional photos and video, by Charles, will be available later this month.

Here are some of my PHOTOS (unprofessional)

PHOTOS By Charles – 10-25-2017