Reggie Jackson came over and put another set of eyes on the car and found several problems.

I have been drilled on the two person checking concept for many years in the Navy Nuclear Power Program and Reggie works in the nuclear power program at River Bend Station where he is use to having someone look over everything that you do. They call it “Independent Second Checking”.

To make a long story just a little shorter, Reggie found several problems with the rear end (even though it is going straight), and then went to the front and found almost double the amount of problems in the front. Most of the problems are the result of vibration and the shock of pulling the front end on launch. There was so much loose up there, it was “an accident waiting to happen”.

Some of the problems were self inflicted (my fault) and some were the result of not checking periodically for loose bolts.

The rear end is another story. Most of the problems are associated with the installation (really the setup and adjustment, not the physical installation) of the new coil-over shocks and how they are adjusted.

Reggie and I have been reading and watching You Tube Video for the past week to try to learn how to do this setup correct. We will be testing for a few weeks to try to get the car to leave straight, bot pull the front end too much, not ride one one or the other wheelie bar too much and have a decent 60′ time.

Reggie and I are going to try to do this ourselves and learn a little in the process. After all, I am retired and have all the time in the world, and Reggie wants to learn to help himself out in the future.