We made two passes, with me driving the 1st pass, and Outlaw driving the 2nd pass, and the car went straight down the center of our lane both times. It did two perfect burn-outs and from the front, it appeared to come out level.

I had a 8.952 @ 149.959 MPH on the 1st pass, and Kevin had a 8.932 @ 147.34 MPH on the 2nd pass. Both passes were out of the right lane. My 80′ time was 1.311 sec. and Kevin had a 1.312 sec. time. How close can you get!

I was so happy! It is unbelievable that the small, 1/8″ adjustment of the passenger side Anti-Roll Bar could make such a difference.

We did encounter an electrical problem in the 1st round of eliminations. The power cable to the delay box shorted where it had been rubbing against the opening in the transmission tunnel. This was my fault for not properly insulating the cable. The short caused the car to launch before the lights came down and we had a red light.

Even with that small problem, I was so pleased with the evenings performance that Barbara and I celebrated all the way home!

Sunday Test & Tune has not been canceled yet… The weather is turning away from out area, so far.