I spent two days doing research on the Internet and looking at my installation instructions that came with my anti-roll bar.

I also spent a lot of time under the rear of the car trying to determine if there is a chassis problem, as best I could. Everything looked tight and putting a wrench on most of the nuts and bolts did not show anything. The car has always been very loose and had a lot of flex. This most likely comes from the way the back-half job was done. Only a little of the original frame is left under the mid section of the car and the frame rails go out the the front but all the cross members are replaces with either single bars or double bars. From the back of the driver to the rear of the car, I have double frame rails. This is why I think I have so much flex.

Before I installed the 555 CID engine, it did not make a difference, but now that we have the 565 CID engine, producing a lot more horsepower, we are seeing handling problems.

I am sure the problem can be adjusted out with all the adjustable shocks and the anti-sway bar. I do plan on making a wheelie bar adjustment.

The first adjustment was to lengthen the passenger side down link. The link was found at: 11.830″. I took it out to: 11.955″, (1/8″). This is where we will start. I will try to make two passes before I make a change, just to see if it will repeat. Not going to play with the shocks at all.

I just noticed, there is a Test & Tune on Sunday, Oct. 8, 2017 at SCR. Gates open at 10am. I can really get adjusted out the

Oct. 5, 2017n! (P.S. – 10/6/17 Hurricane Nate may alter this T&T event. See SCR Forum for information.)