Outlaw gave Mr. Skip permission to drive the Camaro on Sunday, only because he had to attend church (Deacon Gray) and a Friends & Family Day with his twin sister, Karen.

We had lots of fun in the drivers seat. Barbara was a great crew chief. She kept reminding me not to forget this and that all day! Shannun Walker and Silas , Jr. were also on hand to help me out.

The results were not any different with me driving. I only got one time trial, but I did qualify with a good pass of 5.72 @ 120 MPH. Not bad for the first time in the seat in a year. The first round loss was a big disappointment because the car did not go straight, again. Tarrus and Bulba Rhine crawling around under the car trying to find the problem. There are many ideas about what the problem is, but I have a theory and I am going to try my fix before I call in the experts.

I think it is only a matter of an adjustment on the anti-sway bar that was installed last year. Everything has been good since it was installed, but a few weeks ago we put new, taller, wider, tires on the car. They only had 3 passes at the start of this weekend. Then now have 12 runs, including my two passes on Sunday.

The car is pulling hard to the right on launch. I will try a slight adjustment on the passenger side to increase the traction n the right side. We also have AFR double-adjustable shocks that have not been touched since they were installed. I have nothing else to do but adjust, take note, test and adjust some more.