Month: October 2017

Working On Car – Finding Problems

Reggie Jackson came over and put another set of eyes on the car and found several problems. I have been drilled on the two person checking concept for many years in the Navy Nuclear Power Program and Reggie works in the nuclear power program at River Bend Station where he is use to having someone […]
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“Outlaw” Is Home!

Kevin Gray was released from OLOL Hospital late this afternoon, after Barbara and I, Joe Scott and his wife Berniece, had visited him at 1:00 pm. He is coming along and will recover, after his ribs heal. Prayers really help!
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Prayers Needed ( “T”)

Mr. Tenoa Daigre, formally of Baton Rouge and Bracket Masters Racing Team, is currently living in the Houston, TX area. “T” is very sick, to the point of being in a coma. Please pray for “T” and his family.
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Straight As An Arrow!

We made two passes, with me driving the 1st pass, and Outlaw driving the 2nd pass, and the car went straight down the center of our lane both times. It did two perfect burn-outs and from the front, it appeared to come out level. I had a 8.952 @ 149.959 MPH on the 1st pass, […]
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Anti-Roll Bar Adjustment

I spent two days doing research on the Internet and looking at my installation instructions that came with my anti-roll bar. I also spent a lot of time under the rear of the car trying to determine if there is a chassis problem, as best I could. Everything looked tight and putting a wrench on […]
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