We finally got to the track. We had been idle since two weeks before the Father’s Day race. I was looking forward to racing in that event but I found myself not eligible to run in that team event. We had a good time watching everyone else run.

The car ran well, but not as quick as I had been looking for. The 1/4 mile times were not as quick as I thought they should be. I have a good idea what the problem is, but I need to get back on the track to prove my point. I think it is my old problem of the throttle cable not opening the back butterfly all the way.

Since building this BBC 565 engine,, with the first pass being put on, April 16, 2015, we have put 147 passes on the engine. The Transmission has, 207 runs and the torque converter has 250 runs. The new Hoosier Tires have 6 passes. The crank (Eagle 4340) has been in since 1999 and never been turned (still standard on the rods and mains).

We are looking forward to this weekend at SCR. They have two races and we should be ready for Top Doorslammer on both days. With Cruz-in-On-The-Coast taking place this weekend, there may be a lot of empty spots at the track. Barbara and I may go down one of the weekdays and take a look at all the Hot Rods. We have never been, so we are looking forward to it.