The big 3 day race at SCR has been called off again. I think this is the third time.

We hope the rain is not as bad, coming from hurricane Harvey, as predicted. We do not need any more flooding in our area, or anywhere in the South, for that matter.

My car has been sitting for the past 2 months, with a start now and then. My poor truck had not been started in so long that the battery had to be charged to start last week. I drove ii for a few days after that. I guess the racecar needs some track time too.

I went out and watched two of my friends, Reggie Jackson and his Mopar Dragster and Silas Rogers, Jr. in his S-10 truck, last Friday night. Both of them performed very well. “Jr.” was trying to get ready for Super Rod (9.90) and Reggie was testing his fuel system repairs.

Nothing new on the computers. They are still being worked on and I am still learning a lot about the Mac. Keeps my brain working and prevents my brain from getting old.