The 4 year old, Dell Core-i7, computer is still working. It is just running slow these days. I know the problem rests on all the anti-virus software and Malware software that I have on it. The many thousands of photos and the 4 large web sites do not help at all either.

Every time I think I am ready to switch over to the new computer, I find another reason that I cannot do something without learning a new program, which I must purchase or download and install.

I like the way all of my Apple products integrate with each other. The iPhone, iPad and iMac99 stay in-sync with each other.

I am in the process of completing a tutorial on the iMac Operating System right now. The un-learning of the Windows system is the hard part. The keyboard layout is different, with some keys missing all together (Backspace). Apple seems to have gone out of their way to make sure they don’t do things the same way (law suit avoidance).

One of these days, I will be a happy Mac owner and I know I will love my Mac just as much as the other Mac owners, but the “Brain-washing is not complete yet!