The move from PC to Mac has been going on for over two weeks and I am only about half way to my goal of getting all three sites moved over to the new computer. Each day I find a new challenge, such as the audio on my church’s site. My old program will not work with the Apple Operating System. My Photo Gallery program will not work yet, but that will be relatively easy to solve. I may have to purchase a new license to use this web site program on the new computer, therefore I am writing this on the old, slow, Dell Computer, which still works, for now. Oh, I forgot to mention how hard it is to move all these files from one computer to another (and I had several sources of back-ups.

The new iMac, with 27″ monitor, is very nice, but the learning curve is very steep for someone my age and only worked on PC’s all my life. I think the need for new applications if the biggest problem. I see and have been told a lot about how much easier the Mac will be, once I get all the pieces in place and learn how to use it.

Rain, Rain Go Away!

New Orleans and Baton Rouge have both gotten a lot of rain in the last two days. Lots of flash flooding in New Orleans, with minor flooding (Is it ever minor to those effected?). We are all praying for those that got water and hope their recovery is quick. Many of the states, from Texas to Virginia were hit by the bad weather

I would love to go out to the track on Friday, just to make a couple of test hits. State Capitol has rescheduled the big IHRA race (again) on Aug. 24-27th. See their track web site for details.

Please give me a pass on the spelling.