While waiting on Barbara to try on clothes, almost an hour, I was sitting on a bench in the Orlando Florida Mall, and I was half sick, so not really noticing what was around me. All I wanted was to go back to the resort and get back in bed.

When I looked around, I was sitting right in front of a M&M store. Can you imagine, a whole mall store dedicated to one candy! It is sort of like a Disney Store, but only the little M&M candy men. Kids and grown`ups all over the place.

Next door to the M&M Store was the Microsoft Store, which was next to the Apple Store! I took photos of the two stores because the Apple Store was about full to capacity and the Microsoft Store had many sales associates walking around with nothing to do. It was probably 20:1 in favor of the Apple Store. The people in the Apple Store were probably getting information on the new release of iOS 11. . PHOTOS

I have been thinking about purchasing a iMac computer for a long time. The major holdup has alway been the large amount of software that I have that would have to be replaced that would not work on iOS. But not that most of my software is “in the cloud”, that would not be a problem.

Many of the virus’ that are unleashed on the web target Microsoft operating system. Apple iOS is normally not a target. That would be a big advantage. The largest disadvantage is the initial cost of the equipment. About one or two racing slicks difference.

The Florida Mall is larger than the Mall of Louisiana, but all on one level, with more stores and a much larger Food Court.