Month: July 2017

Prayers Needed: Switching Computers

I am moving from a PC, to the iMac computer on Monday, July 24, 2017. I hope it is a smooth change over. I have three backups; cloud, Backblase Backup (cloud) and an external drive with all my documents and photos. I hope all of that will let me get to enjoy my new computer […]
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Milana Longmire Visits For The Wedding

Milana Longmire, daughter of Skip’s sister, Sherry, visited Baton Rouge to attend the wedding of Jeremy and Ophelia at Ashley Manor last Friday. While here, she visited New Orleans and took a tour of Bourbon St. with the wedding party Saturday after the wedding. Milana returned to Los Angeles on Tuesday. PHOTOS
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Orlando Shopping? Apple vs. Microsoft

While waiting on Barbara to try on clothes, almost an hour, I was sitting on a bench in the Orlando Florida Mall, and I was half sick, so not really noticing what was around me. All I wanted was to go back to the resort and get back in bed. When I looked around, I […]
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We’re Back! Vacation Was Good!

Mrs. Barbara and I departed Saturday, June 24th and went to Orlando to have some much needed rest and relaxation in Florida. Barbara needed a nice black dress that she could wear to grandson, Jeremy Herbert’s wedding on, July 7, 2017 at Ashley Manor in Baton Rouge (Invitation Only). She found a dress that she […]
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