The primary reason for going to the track was to test our carburetor adjustments and to knock the “new” off the tires. We had one issue with the carburetor accelerator cable, but we seem to have fixed it with some WD-40. It was sticking at around 4000 RPM when coming out of a burn-out. That was on the first time trial, but did not happen the rest of the night.

The tires worked very well. Not as much, if any, increase in MPH, but the 60′ times were lower and very consistent. During eliminations, we had tow rounds of back to back 5.63 sec. runs.

During eliminations, we had to run some of our best friends in each round. We met Eddie Fisher (my old Camaro) in the first round of Super-Pro Money and we met Troy Collins (Vega) in the 2nd round. We lost to Silas Rogers, Jr. in his little S-10 truck in the final round. We split the pot and had a nice hand shake after the finals.

All in all, it was a very good night. We are ready for Fathers Day. Outlaw should have his truck ready for Fathers Day.

Outlaw reported that he feels the jet change was too much. He could smell raw fuel in the car. I am thinking about going down too 981 (lean) in the front and leave the 102’s in the back. Our decision will be made after we pull a couple of plugs and look.