Today I removed the 98/98 jets and put 983 (rich) in front and 102 jets in rear. I normally go down in jet size in the Summer, but the car ran very good with the higher jets last year in the heat.

I reviewed weather data from last year, using “Effective Altitude” and found the car ran better with the higher jets. We will see how it does on Friday, June 16th. We will only make an exhibition pass on Saturday , June 17, 2017 at the Bracket Masters Fathers Day Classic.

The tires are still holding air. I have lost 0.2 lbs in the right tire and 0.1 lbs. in the left tire. That is in two days, sitting in an air conditioned space. Not bad. I normally lose abut 1.5 lbs. to 2.5 lbs. in two weeks. That was with tubes. These have no tubes.

I sold my old Dart Pro-1 heads today, along with the port matched manifold. Now I can pay for a new weather station (again). They also paid for my new tires. God Is Great!

IHRA and State Capitol Raceway made a good call on re-scheduling the race out too September 7, 2017 due to the weather forecast.