Month: June 2017

Bracket Masters 12th Fathers Day Classic

The race was great! Everyone had a nice time, the rain stopped about 30 min. before time trials begin and the track was so hot it almost dried itself. The Jr. Dragster racers finished in the morning and the kids were awarded metals for participating. The winners and and runner-up drivers got plaques. The Big […]
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Friday Night Testing & Super-Pro R/U

The primary reason for going to the track was to test our carburetor adjustments and to knock the “new” off the tires. We had one issue with the carburetor accelerator cable, but we seem to have fixed it with some WD-40. It was sticking at around 4000 RPM when coming out of a burn-out. That […]
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Jet Change and other things

Today I removed the 98/98 jets and put 983 (rich) in front and 102 jets in rear. I normally go down in jet size in the Summer, but the car ran very good with the higher jets last year in the heat. I reviewed weather data from last year, using “Effective Altitude” and found the […]
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New Tires Mounted

My new Hoosier’s (33 x 15 x 15) are on and they “appear” to fit. The drivers side, at the top, seems to be the closest point and may rub. I have good room at the front on both sides, down low, where Camaro;s normally have a problem. This will be my first time running […]
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