Bracket Masters Racing Team had a team meeting at State Capitol Raceway on Saturday, May 28, 2017. Three new members were taken in, Rev. Malcolm Stovall, Joe Scott Rambo and Silas Jr.

Team members, President Tarrus Jones, Mark Washington, Willie Davis and Skip Holbert had their cars on hand to run in eliminations. All except Mr. Skip ran in Non-Electronics class, while Outlaw ran the Mr. Skip Camaro in Top Doorslammer class.

Outlaw won in round one, taking out Jessie Marceaux, who beat us just two weeks ago in the first round. We lost to Jessie’s dad in the 2nd round and went into Super Pro. We won in the 3rd round of Super Pro before losing in the 4th round.

Mark and Willie did much better. Both team members won in the first three rounds and met each other in round 4 of Non-E, where Willie Davis and his Duster took out Mark’s Chevrolet Wagon on a hole shot. Willie lost in round 5, but took home some money and a $$ Sticker.

All in all it was a very good day at the track. Mrs. Jones, Mrs. Washington and Mrs. Barbara were also on hand.

Photos From Saturday