Skip & Outlaw took Mr. Skip to State Capitol Raceway Friday night and tried to get it ready for the Saturday race and to see how it would run in the heat. Not only was it hot, the Humidity was in the 80% area most of the night.

I changed the air bottle just before going to the track and on the second run of the night, the car did not shift. Of course we thought it was the air, and we did not worry about it after checking the bottle pressure and the air lines. We did not so a shift test. On the first round of eliminations, the same thing happed, no shift. Outlaw cut a f.000 R/T and we won the round anyway. When he returned to the pits, we found a broken wire in the air solenoid ckt. and that was the problem. This time we did the shift test and everything worked.

I the second round, we ran a dragster that cut an excellent light, while Outlaw was only .002 off on his R/s, the dragster ran dead on and Outlaw was .01 over (5.69 on a 5.68), we lost. The car ran perfect, everything works and we are ready for Top Doorslammer on Saturday.

 ( A few PHOTOS)