It was one of our shortest racing days ever. We had two time trials and lost in round one of Top Doorslammer and bought back into Super Pro and lost in the first try in that class. It was not our day.

But, as we always say, “If nothing is broke, it was a good day!”

The car ran good. I had changed the jets from 100/102, down to 98/98 and in the 76 degree temp., I don’t think it liked it as much as the richer setup. I pulled a couple of plugs and they looked good, but the car was “popping on the big end after we got out of it. That did not happen in the past. With the higher expected temps. coming, I am going to leave the jets where they are for now. This is on the Holley 1250 cfm carburetor. I am also going to go back and fine some time slips from last year around that same temp. and compare the times.