The crew, Barbara, Outlaw and I, took the car out, mainly for testing of the new delay box. We had put the same numbers in that we had in the old box and we had sat and tested as much as we could in the shop and once Outlaw arrived, we tested at the track. One thin that we did that I think effected a lot of what happened later, was to test the “Driver Reaction Tester”. Kevin practiced on that for a few tries and got his numbers down quite a bit using the installed trans-brake button on the steering wheel.

After getting familiar with all the new settings and the screens, we went up for our first time trial. Kevin had a -.010 red light, but the car ran real good putting down a 8.90 @ 149. MPH. We were very happy. The car went straight and everything worked as it should have.

The second time trial was not much better with a -.006 red light, even after putting .012 in the box! The car ran a 8.88 @ 152 MPH. So the car is consistent.

In eliminations, we did not do well. After the burn-out we had trouble getting in position and we had some wheel spin and our 60′ time was way off of the previous times and we lost.

All in all, it was a very good night, everything worked and we came home with nothing to work on.