After an awesome weekend last week, I am ready for some racing.

Barbara and I stole away for a one night trip to Beaumont, TX to have dinner at one of our favorite seafood restaurants, Papadeaux’s. She has been talking about the BIG fantail shrimp for over two years and I have been thinking about the seafood platter. I had so much I had to get a “dogie bag” for over half of the items that came on the platter. It was, not only, plentiful, but oh so good! Barbara celebrated her retirement with a strawberry daiquiri.

We did enjoy our trip, the food and the overnight stay at the Hampton Inn, within walking distance from Papadeaux’s.

Now that Barbara is retired, we will be taking more trips. I want to go over to San Antonio for a weekend. I hear that is a nice city with lots to see and do.

We Are Ready For The Races!

The car has been sitting for over three weeks and I have major gas on my chest.

All of the gremlins seem to be fixed, but you never know until you actually put the car on the track and run it, but we think we have fixed everything.

After this weekend we will put new tires on the car. I want to try a set of Hoosiers for the first time. I have run only M/T for the past 10-12 years. I also want to move up to a 33″ tall tire to raise my MPH and lower the finish line RPM. The car will be less violent also, although since we put the Anti-roll bar on, we have not had that problem.

Looks like we will get some rain on Friday, but with luck, it well pass and we will be ready for Saturday.