During the last racing outing, we experienced several small problems that I had to look into during the past two weeks.

  • Problem one was carburetor hesitation when going to full throttle.
  • Problem two was another carburetor problem, it hesitated when we left the line after giving a car a 2 second handicap start.
  • Problem three, Kevin reported that the delay box did not activate on time, causing him to be very late one two runs. Both runs were when we were the faster car and leaving off the crossover bulb.
  • Problem Five was a broken connection on my delay box by-pass push button.

To solve problems 1 & 2, I removed the Holley HP 1250 carburetor and gave it a through cleaning . It had been in service since April of 2014 without giving any problems. I installed a new kit and made sure all the settings were where I wanted them. We have to go to the track to test it.

Did you know the Holley HP 1250 has a idle adjustment screw and spring in the center of the carburetor. It also has 4 small holes for air intake on that center flange between the four venture holes. That gives you four ways of adjusting idle (some people may count 7, but I say 4. I count the 4 metering block idle adjust screws as one, since I try to always keep them at equal adjustment).

The delay box problem is much more of a challenge. I do not want to send it back to Digital-Delay, so I got into the instruction manual and looked at all of the settings on my Mega 350 Delay Box. Digital-Delay just checked it out just over two months ago and it was good to go. I am willing to say at this point, I am doing something wrong.

The Mega 350 has 6 screens dedicated to the Bracket Racer. There is a “Pro” set of screens also, but I do not have to do anything with them.

Bracket Screen One is the screen that we deal with most often if we are just bracket racing. The other screens help you set up the box to allow multiplier hits at the tree, using one or two pushbuttons. You can also have a third pushbutton that is a “Bump” up or down pushbutton. I have a by-pass and two buttons that go through the box. I also have the bump pushbutton.

Setting up the Mega 350 is an adventure, and If you don’t read the instructions frequently, you will forget how to do something. My only saving grace was, my old box was made by Digital-Delay, the maker of the Mega 350.

Anyway, I fixer the broken lead on my bypass pushbutton. I tested all of the other buttons and found one of them to have intermittent contact. I replaced that pushbutton. Everything else seems to be OK.

When I go back to the track, I need to test the box on a cross-over situation before I can say it is fixed.

While I was looking at all the screens, I zeroed out all the timing screens and made sure the things that are suppose to be off were actually off or blank. That would be everything to do with Throttle-Stop racing.

My brake fluid was about 1/2 full. I filled the reservoir.