We received a new set of seat belts yesterday in the mail. Our seat belts were just replaced around October of 2016, so we should have had two years of use.

Last tome at the track we were involved in a NEAR accident where Outlaw stopped on the track to help a driver that had hit the wall and his car was on fire. We did not hit the other car or the wall.

As a result of that, our seatbelt tags were cut off and WE had to get new seat-belts. The SFI official at State Capitol Raceway tried to explain it as a requirement of SFI to remove the tags from any car involved in an accident on the track. The SFI official explained that the stress placed on the belts by Outlaw (any driver) when he stopped to help the other driver required him to remove the tags from all the cars involved.

So drivers, be aware of the rules., agree or not.

Wreck At SCR – Photos – April 8, 2017